Staking Pool

Moonlorioan Stake vision

EGLD Staking Pool

From Moonlorian we have work our heart out on Elrond Network since Binance launched it on
June 2019, we have took part in all the Battle Of Nodes events held, also helped the public test where the record 260,000 tps was achieved.
We have been MainNet validators since its launch, and our nodes have not rested a single day since July 30, 2020. We are also contributes on the TestNet blockchain, in order to secure the
We are software integrators as well: consulting and developing distributed blockchain applications, specialized in Elrond Network. The Palm Tree Network has trusted us as its
reference partner in Spain and Latin America.
Finally, in June 2021, we continue securing the network by transforming our private nodes to
staking provider and accepting delegated EGLD.

For end-users && Non custodial

10% fees - With limited cap, rewarding up to 15% APR for the delegator.

Nodes with ISO/IEC 27001 - Tier III datacenters - Redundancy nodes - Netdata monitoring

Starting with 2 nodes for ensuring daily rewards since the beginning and setting up new nodes during phase 4.